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  Ayurvedic Skin Treatments:

Ayurvedic Massage Treatment 50 min:

This treatment is designed for total relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Scalp and foot massage will pacify Vata and also penetrate to the brain and nervous system through nerve endings in the skin to provide a soothing and grounding effect.

Ayurvedic Facial 1 hour:

Ayurvedic Facial with Abhayanga (Ayurvedic Massage) 1 and half Hrs:

Himalayan Salt Body Scrub and Marma point Massage 1 hour

Detoxify the skin and rejuvenate with a full body scrub including face scrub with papaya or guava mask treatment while stimulating all the marma vital points.


A total rejuvenation of the body and spirit,bringing about a glow to the body and face, it is based on ayurvedic science of marmas, aromatherapy and color therapy and used since ancient times is used as a golden passage to longevity and to maintaining good health. Shirodhara cleans us spiritually and physically and uproots various illnesses, it acts as a rejuvenating therapy and helps stimulate the third eye, to look within to our inner world aiding us in overcoming stress, nervousness, anger, in order to find a steady balance. It promotes calmness, wards off negativity, helps in chronic headache prevention, arthritic ailments hypertension

A treatment which needs to be preceded by a three day fast on juices water fruit and vegetables. Preceded by a massage either whole body or just face and head about 1hr and 30 mins to 2hrs

Ayurvedic Massage & Body Treatments:

Abhyanga is a very beneficial body treatment. Oils and strokes are chosen according to body type and body condition. Some of the benefits of abhyanga are:
- Reverses, prevents aging and increases longevity.
- Removes fatigue and stress from work and life overall.
- Promotes good vision.
- Nourishes the body and promotes sturdiness.
- Relieves insomnia.
- Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration and strengthens the nerves.
- Stimulates antibodies production and thus strengthens the immune system.
*It is best to wait at least an hour before taking a bath to let the oil nourish and detoxify all the tissue layers.

Marma Massage 60 Min

This treatment manipulates and massages various marmas or important pressure points in the body. The Marmas are said to be the junctions of body and mind. Abhayanga massage is done on these points with specific massage oils or powders based on the constitution of the patient.

Post partum Massage 50 Min

A woman's body undergoes a lot of physical and mental strain during the process of delivery. Postpartum massage helps the new mother's body to recognize itself and to relax, thus promoting a quick recovery. Regular massage with oil can help the muscles regain their natural shape after delivery.

Indian Head Massage 30 Min

In addition to healthy hair growth, other benefits of Head Massage include decreased stress, more restful sleep, more energy and mental clarity.

Head and Face Massage 30 Min

Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage 40 Min

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