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More and more Doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, help asthmatics,
breathe easier, relieve insomnia and generally ease the everyday stresses of life. Meditation is a safe
and simple way to balance a person's physical, emotional and mental states.

The concept of meditation works on the principle that when the mind is calm and focused on the
present, it is neither reacting to memeories from the past nor is being preoccupied with plans for the
future, two major sources of chronic stress know to impact health.

Several techniques of meditation exist, Satyananda Yoga focuses on the concept of directing
concentration to one healing element: one sound, one word, one image or one's breath.

Many forms exisits: Concnetrative meditation focuses attention on a breath or sound(mantra) to still the
mind and allow great clarity to emerge.

There is a direict correlation between one's breath and one's state of mind.

When a person is anxious, frightened or distracted the breath is shallow, rapid, uneven. When the mind
is calm focused and composed...the breath will tend to be slow,deep and regular.

Mindful Meditation involves becoming aware of the continuously passing parade of sensations and
feelings, images, thoughts, sounds, smells and so forth without becoming involved in thinking about

A person sits quietly and simply witnesses whatever goes through the mind,this hleps to gain a more
calm, clear and non-reactive state of mind.

Studies show that after meditation, reactions are faster, creativity greater, comprehension broader. In
adition by siliencing the mind, meditation can also put one in touch with the self, allowing the body's
own inner wisdom to be heard.

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