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Kriyabindu trained with Robert Najemy in Athens Greece with Armoniki Zoi where she was encouraged to take this opportunity and carry on to open a Yoga centre in Cyprus. Later she was drawn to Satyananda Yoga tradition and was very moved and touched by meeting her Guru Swami Niranjananda in Bihar Munger where she undertook a Yogic Studies course in the 90s, she was
initiated into Karma Sannyasa by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati in India.

She then followed Swami Niranjan to various retreats and workshops in Europe France Greece and UK and connected regularly with the Satyananda Ashram in Paiania Greece where she escorted students to gain a Yoga ashram lifestyle experience but also to meet Swami Niranjan during his last visit there she also travelled with her students to Rikhia to meet late Paramahsaji Swami Satyananda in Rikhia during the Maha Sat Chandi Yagjnas.

Kriyabindu teaches traditional Satyananda Yoga and focuses mainly on teaching Meditation from the Tantras and advanced Yoga techniques, Chakra shuddhi and other Yoga related topics. Kriyabindu opened the first yoga centre in Limassol in the 80s and has supported the growth and spread of the light of Yoga in Cyprus for many years. She has devoted time and provided space for the unfoldment of yoga in Limassol for many years and dedicated most of
her life to serving this purpose. The actual Santosa space is the offspring of her efforts as she provided the nucleus and tenacity to maintain and spread the teachings of Yoga in Cyprus for many years.


Effie studied French language and literature in Paris France, and continued with applied foreign language translation in Greece.

Effie studied Yoga consciously later on in life, even though yoga was part of her life at an early age due to her yogi mother Sn Kriyabindu Saraswati. She started to really experience the benefits of yoga in France in 2000 in an attempt to find ways to relax and be still somewhere in the midst of the hectic Parisian lifestlye...

She attended classes at the Sivananda centre in Paris, later with Yogi Arun at Agni Yoga in Paris and later went on to study at Yoga Vidya Dham in Nasik, India to complete a teacher training course in one of the most beautiful ashram locations near Trimbakeshwar close to a majestic temple of Lord Shiva.

Effie embraces all Yoga traditions and teachings absorbing and embracing all teachers and teachings as a humble student. The last 5 years she also attends training workshops with Jean Claude Garnier, director of the Astanga Yoga Institute Brussels.

Effie also was drawn to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massage therapy and trained in P.V.A hospital in Kannur, Kerala India in 2004 and has attended various other ayurvedic training workshops and organizes ayurvedic therapy training schemes in Cyprus with trainers from India.

She was initiated to Karma Sannyasa by Swami Satsangi of the Satyananda Yoga tradition in Harrogate, England on 17th of July 2009.

Effie fervently believes in selfless service karma yoga as a means for spiritual advancement and a way to a happier life. Keeping busy, being of service and loving the simple things, cultivating the magical habit of union with nature and seeking beauty within, developing acceptance, forgiveness and oneness with all and striving always to move forward and beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind.

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